Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reserve Your Rental Car with Snap Car Rentals offer the best deals on car hire in New Zealand.  They provide a range of vehicles from brand new through to their Super Saver range. Save on vehicle, spend more on activities! They have 8 branches throughout New Zealand making is super easy for you to snap up a vehicle when you need it. They have you covered for your next trip to our beautiful country. The good thing about Sanp Car Hire is you will be given unlimited Kilometers, 3 drivers included, complimentary pick up and drop off transfers and Value conscious rates.

After a year-long stressful period at the work place you long to feel relaxed away from all that would make you remember the gruelling and monotonous routine that you go through every day. Planning a vacation in a country as beautiful as New Zealand, you are now fully prepared to enjoy a great vacation. Snap Car Rentals makes your travel through the holiday destination as smooth as possible by providing quality cars for driving through all the must-see sights in this scenic place.

A well-planned and organised holiday is sure to provide great fun especially when your travel requirements are taken care of. When you book a reliable car rental while touring New Zealand, you'll feel relieved from almost all your worries about a great vacation, the only other thing of concern being good accommodation. Once you book a car with Snap Car Rentals, your holiday is bound to be full of fun and joy.

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In order to make your holiday safer, two road rules in New Zealand have changed, the changes taking effect from 25th March 2012. These new road rules are applicable to all riders, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. When you are on your own driving our Snap Car Rentals rental car, please ensure the following:

1. Get familiarised with the new road rules
2. Obey traffic signs and signals
3. Share the road with other drivers.

At some intersections, you may have no traffic signs or signals or you may be facing the same signs or signals. One of the new road rules applies to vehicles at such intersections where the vehicle that is turning right will have to give way to the vehicle turning left from the opposite direction.

For pick-ups and drop offs at any of our depots, please call toll free within NZ on 0800 545 000.
For reservations please call us toll free with in NZ on 0800 545 000 or from Australia 1800 141 850.
From all other international countries please call + 64 9 254 4397.

Reserve your rental car with Snap Car Rentals today!

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